hetzer vs marder 38t

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    i want to get a tier 4 td german...cause i got a crew,,,

    if i go with the hetzer it would be with the 75 mm gun(tier v), and i want to use the hetzer as a sniper...

    the marder 38t the same...i think the same gun

    the big differences i see on the comparison feature is marder sees considerably further...fires faster....by a big margin.....

    the hetzer has much much better frontal armor(can reliably bounce valentine ii gold rounds) the hetzer bottom glacis plate is really well sloped....and the hetzer has much much better camo

    66%/16% stationary with camo skill and camo net...brother in arms..vents...16% while firing is really goood.

    retraining my crew means i cant play the marder ii anymore and the gold fee is about $4.

    also it will take about 25 games get comfortable in which ever i pick

    any feedback will be appreciated

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