How to make keyboard transport control work in Reaper



Hi all !

Cockos Reaper is one of the most powerful DAWs, that blows away most of it's competitors, especially when considering the price, and it has a very huge and helpful fan base. So please don't shoot yourself in your own knee, as we say in Germany, and don't ignore this fact! You might sell much more products, if you would show better Reaper support

It's a joke, that I can't choose Reaper in my profile and I had to choose "other DAW" and what I will explain below, should already be available in the Knowledgebase, don't you think so?

Ok, and now for the original topic:

Making the keyboard transport controls work in Reaper is easier than you might think, though it's not quite obvious at first sight.

The keyboard shows up as three devices in Reaper:

KOMPLETE Kontrol Keyboard

In Reaper Preferences only activate the Keyboard driver as a MIDI Device for MIDI In and Out, incl. Control Messages and Clock/SPP, and configure only the DAW driver as a Mackie Control Universal device in the Control Surface section. It's important, not to activate the DAW driver in the MIDI Device section, but only in the Control Surface section!

That's all ... no individual knob configuration needed ... the whole transport section works at once.