"I have gay friends..."


Roger J Carlson

So I posted my apology to LGBTQ community on my Facebook timeline. I wanted to see how a wider audience would respond. Almost the only negative responses came from the more conservative Christian side of my family. One of them was in the form of a private message. It ended with this statement:

"Two friends of mine (one has a daughter and the other a boss/mentor in LB relationships) have both clearly stated that it's wrong but have maintained a respectful friendship while disagreeing on that point. I think there is still room to minister with that kind of relationship."

I've had several people say "I have gay friends..." that know their beliefs on the 'sin of homosexuality' and remain friends.

So I wondered. Do LGBTQ folks have real friends, friends with whom they can be open and honest, who believe being gay is a sin? Can you "respectfully disagree" on that and be true friends? Or are they just people with whom you are friendly? Are people who make statements like that above just fooling themselves that they have "gay friends"?