[TF2Jail] - Rebel Ammo Module

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  1. [TF2Jail] - Rebel Ammo Module

    Long story short, when a prisoner (a.k.a a player on the RED team) picks up an ammo pack, they are marked as a rebel if not already. I primarily made this because I found it annoying that prisoners could obtain ammo without anyone noticing and come out of nowhere killing all the guards.


    Special Thanks:
    Dr.Doctor - Has made modules for TF2Jail that I thought were fantastic and that gave me inspiration to make one of my own. I highly recommend checking out his work!​
    Bug Reporting:
    If anything is not functioning as intended, leave a post here or on GitHub and I will look into it. Before reporting something, please ensure that you have followed the installation process completely.

    Download the latest release here.

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