What is the Worst map?



Please chose a map or maps with a brief description with the reasoning of your choice(s).

Lakeville is my personal choice. My personal reasoning behind it is that the map puts to much emphasis on the 4-line road. And makes crossing tanks heading to city face to much of a ramification for going to the only viable part of the map. Now this creates large pool of meds and tds sitting on the 4 line every game. If the hvys do get across with out much damage, now they have to cross the open part of the city and get shot and then an open field. The issue with two line it puts to much hindrance on yourself and the team its not very viable to proceed that way its to slow and if you crest one TD and stop the whole team.

How do i think it can be fixed, widen the 4 line road and place more trees, bushes, and houses on the edge of the lake and city. Allow heavies have a choice to either drive up the 4 line of chose to go city. Instead of early damage for mediums they are forced to drive into the city of buildings on the edge of the map or four line or even swamp to exploit their mobility advantage.