2011 E92 328 - Water Leak



Hi All,

I returned from a business trip on Friday to find that my car (parked outside for our week of rain in Atlanta) had a significant amount of water in both the drivers front and rear foot wells and condensation inside of the windows. I immediately rented a shop vac and sucked out about a gallon of water and then let it sit all day in the sun. Since then I have been applying anti-mold/mildew spray to both carpets, have also pulled the carpet forward in the back to allow towel access to the rear well, and have some damp-rid in the car itself. The front seems to have dried but the back is continuously soaking towels and I'm perplexed as to how water keeps getting back there. It's been in the sun/a garage since Friday and if I leave a towel in the back then a few hours later it is soaked through.

Any ideas where the water could be coming from?

Thanks in advance!