a disadvantage of using a monitor for video and audio?



I tried this out on my server / home theatre PC, which is connected to a TV via HDMI for audio and video output - have audio playing, set Windows power options to switch the monitor off after a minute.

After the minute, the TV displayed 'no signal', and of course it lost the audio feed as well.

I'm surprised that I haven't encountered / thought of this before. I doubt that this is purely a disadvantage of HDMI, surely the same thing would surely occur if one used a monitor connected via say VGA as well as analog audio out.

Can anyone confirm this? While I can't imagine myself ever using a monitor to play music (ie. I've had a hi-fi connected to my PC for about 15 years), I sometimes leave music playing on my PC while I work nearby. I guess the workaround is easy enough for the average person, simply buy a set of active speakers.