Additional (heavy) lifts rep scheme


Anthony Giurato

After being a long time home CrossFitter/lifter with varying degrees of success, I have started going to a box. I've loved it so far, and I do feel much healthier all over, even compared to my previous attempts at lifting and metconning at home.

What I am lacking by going to my box 3x a week is strength work. I'd say that 60% to 80% of the workouts of my box consist of a warm-up -> technique -> one strength exercise -> metcon. The other days cut out a strength exercise in favor of a longer metcon. This means probably 2.5 heavy lifts a week with CrossFit.

My typical CrossFit week looks similar to:
Mon - CrossFit
Tues - CrossFit
Wed - Low to moderate intensity steady-state
Thurs - CrossFit
Fri - Off

My solution has been to do a heavy lifting day on Saturdays with 2 or 3 heavy lifts followed by a short metcon or auxillary work. I tend to favor Cleans followed by a (bench)press. But weeks like this one where I did heavy snatches on Thursday, I'll replace cleans with squats. Basically, I'm trying to fill in the gaps.

So here is my main question: What set/rep schemes are best in this type of scenario? I typically do 4 or 5 sets of increasing weights and work up to one heavy work set. Things like 185 lbs, 225 lbs, 275 lbs, 315 lbs on my last squat day. For strength I'll do singles, triples, or 5's. For power movements like cleans I'd do singles, doubles or triples instead.

Am I best to go heavy with singles, get volume with fives, or somewhere inbetween with triples? I think I remember reading on 70's big that Justin specifically prefers triples for press over 5's, so it could vary by exercise. Also, giving me the answer of "vary it up" works fine too.

My numbers are moderate: 245 lbs clean, 170 lbs press, 315x3 squat. At 225 lbs, I think I have plenty of room to go up before needing a more focused program.
My goal is to slowly increase my strength numbers, while not being afraid to throw in the towel any days where I need to.