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Even where you can't CCW, you can generally transport, so why not.

Just completed a trip Las Vegas - Nashville - Las Vegas on Southwest. No issues. Had to wait 15 minutes before going thru security each way. Fortunately I have TSA Pe--check so going thru security is quick.

Currently sitting at Dulles after checking in at United. Outbound from LAX on American was simple. But since I was traveling directly to Maryland, no point in CCW on the beltway on the way.

Here at IAD you have to have your bag escorted to a TSA x-ray machine and back to check-in which is silly and takes extra time. I have no idea if that is unique to United. The ticket agent was unskilled in the process but got through with some help

I'm heading to Raleigh for the weekend. I'll update during the trip.

Next legs RDU to Dulles then Dulles to Tucson then Tucson to Ontario.

Only issue is that I cannot leave the weapon in the car at my travel destinations so I have to leave my locked luggage at the hotel baggage room on the last day and return to pick it up prior to heading to the airport.