AZB Money Leader Board - Wrong to Include "in the middle" totals.


JB Cases

I think it's wrong to include "in the middle" amounts as earnings for the purpose of keeping a list of money earned.

Gambling matches are heads up events where the actual money won IS only what the bet was not what both players bet.

Yes I know they are billed as "two man tournaments with $25,000 entry fees" but reporting it as a $50,000 win screws up the ranking.

Also there is the whole thing that including gambling matches where ONLY two people have a chance to earn skews the list as well.

If I want to be at the top of the money list all I have to do is play a publicized set for $500,000 and win it and no one will be able to touch me. Oh except the next couple people who decide the week after to play for a million. None of you would know if the money was real. (yes I know the Fight Nights and other challenges are real)

To me Shane is the defacto #1 Money Earner this year because Appleton won $98,000 in one event, Chinese 8 ball and Alex has a $50k win against Frost in a heads-up match. OK - Shane is #2 because the 98k win counts 100% and it was a damn tough event to win and Shane was there as well. (buy a Chinese 8 ball table Shane)

Anyway, your thoughts???