Ballistics Calculators / scope disagree

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Michael in California

Help me find my error.

I'm using Strelok on my Android, but it seems to agree with on-line calculators close enough. However, my scope wants to be a full milliradian lower than calculators say.

RPR in 6.5 CM. Athlon Argos scope. Hornady 140gr ELD-M factory ammo. Chrono says I'm at about 2650 fps 10 ft out of the barrel.

Rifle is zeroed at 100 yds.

Strelok (and on-line calculators) say up 42 - 43 clicks for 600 yds. I'm about 18" high. Set scope at 33 clicks (3.3 milliradians) and I'm on the spot.

I'm afraid at this point, I only have 100 and 600 yds. I reckon I need to do some intermediate yardages to get better feel.