Blue flag suggestions and observation



Hello all..

Before going to holidays I had a blast on this event. Straight away I have noticed a few things that has room for improvement.

I found the slot system a bit clumsy. I dont have a better idea but this clould be improved.

Lack of strongholds. Certain areas where it is stratigicaly important to have better airdefence and higher unit count so ONLY a coordinated attack can break and overcome it. In one way this ensures that those areas are imune untill a larger group of player comits to the offensive. This also allows that if the defending side is low in numbers can distrupt the other teams effort.

Limited suplys. THIS is a huge thing. Arcade pilots wasting ordance.....
Im aware of the limitation of the resuply system. I think that this is one of the last thing to iron out since it carries the seeds of spoiling the whole thing. On the other hand It would provide a huge depth of immersion.
Holding cities/industrial areas would be just as valuable as airfields/faarps.
Sudenly air interdiction missions would be one of the most skilled missions to do. Add the escort and GCI/AWACS element.

I also strongly support the closed chanels. Not all the players have the same experiance and level of knowlage. There are the ones who come from BF and have the airquake mentalitg. No im singleing out you gjys its an example...
Maybe instead of bikkering about this as i have seen on the main thead accept it improve and get on with it. I would not expect the same attitude from someone who only just started out.A good workaround is the creation of TASK SPECIFIC chanels that makes it easier to coordinate.
Useing the same interdiction idea the strike craft can join the chanel and request the escort to come to the same chanel. Job done all pilots will return to the chanel where further plans can be hatched and realised.

your thoughts?