Breaking down GCIII - novice advice



I need help breaking down not one, but two Gold Crown III in a hurry...
I run a private club and we normally hire a professional mechanic for re-felt, but we have a tournament on Saturday running into the evening and get 5 new tables delivered on Sunday morning... So I have manpower available, but very little table mechanic experience
We need to break down 2 GC that are already sold and 3 other tables that go to the junkyard...

I understood the basic principle of the job from watching youtube videos, but a few things make me nervous.

Are all tools required metric or are there some special "american" sizes required? A list of required tools would be even better

Any issues that typically come up breaking down a GC 3? Things that tend to break, hidden screws you don't see at first glance etc.?

Marking the slate pieces and the frame they sit on is logical, any other markings necessary?