Buffers and latency



Hi everyone, I see that under the reaper options>devices tab I can set up the buffers used by reaper.
I do understand that larger buffers make things more stable, but at the same time introduces more latency.
I am just wondering whether it is more advantageous to use one large buffer
or four smaller buffers adding up to the same size.

I am also wondering if the number of buffers and their accumulated size has any correlation to the number of devices set up in reaper.

For example, if I have two devices connected to reaper, an audio interface being one, and my computers internal sound card being the other.
Then, do the buffer settings I set up under reaper>options>devices pertain to the chosen device, or to all connected devices.
I have not connected an interface to my computer yet, so am just reading ahead, and trying to figure out how reaper allocates buffer to connected devices, whether it is on an individual or shared basis, and whether more or less buffers are of benefit.

Below is an image of the screen I am talking about.
Thanks for you help.

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