Can't draw? Can't find an artist? Want to make a comic anyway?



If you are living and breathing the idea of making comics despite not knowing an artist, being able to pay one, or not knowing how to draw--well, I want to point out that there are a lot of ways to learn to draw, a lot of styles, and that cartooning is one of the easier artistic skills to acquire at an entry or intermediate level.

1) Draw boxes in perspective. Shade circles in ways that the lighting make sense. Work your way to other shapes with both exercises. You're training your hand / arm muscles and your patience for drawing every day. If you're not a little better every day, stop and think about what you're doing, or slow down, or speed up. Break your training into the smallest possible problem you can solve. Are you having trouble making inside edge of a box? Make that stroke a hundred times until you figure it out.

2) Graduate to people and objects. With enough shapes under your belt, you can basically draw anything. Eyes, heads, hands, shoulders--these all have circles / spheres involved. Hands, chests, feet--these all have cubes / squares involved. (Or you can be creative about your basic shapes and start with a base of triangles. Whatever works for you. Art and comics are supposed to be fun. Usually.)

3) There are tutorials everywhere. I strongly suggest these:

But there are hundreds of others!