Cases Looking for a case with excellent airflow for air cooling



Hello there people!

As I'm currently using an old Foxconn case with top mounted PSU and a single 8cm exhaust fan at the CPU, I'm planning to buy a new ATX case for my PC and I need advice as it's been roughly 8 years since I last purchased a case and so much has changed since then. I'm going to go for air cooling.

What I'm looking for in a case (in this order):

- airflow (my highest priority)
- cleanable dust filters
- build quality
- cable management
- being able to use CM 212 EVO CPU cooler (159 mm tall)
- fan controller would be nice
- looks

What does NOT concern me so much:

- noise levels
- crapload of fans
- side window (gets scratched easily(?))

I've been considering open mesh front PC cases as there is simply nothing blocking the fresh air from entering into the case.

My contenders so far:
  • Fractal Design ARC Midi R2 - looks very boring, but they say it's great
  • Cooler Master 690 III - seems to have good airflow, no idea on the build quality though
  • Corsair Graphite 230T - nice airflow and I like the looks of this one the most (orange version), but said to be flimsy and too flexible in build
  • Corsair Air 540 - I like the idea of the "wind tunnel" effect, but I don't dig the window on it, price is a bit high
  • NZXT Source 530 - I find it ugly, but it's said to be a good midi case
  • Antec One - somehow it is said to have great airflow, no idea how, it looks kinda dated
  • SilverStone Kublai KL05 - again said to have great airflow and cooling potential
  • SilverStone Raven RV05 - fantastic test temps, but why the hell is it tilted? HDD and fans wouldn't like the 5° tilt in the long run in my opinion

My dream case would be a SilverStone Fortress 5, as it is hands down a top notch case for air cooling. (I'm not planning liquid cooling anytime soon.) But it is priced insanely high, I'd ask my carpenter brother instead to make one from wood instead lol. Or I might as well wait for Raven RVX01, as it will be budget priced.

As there are numerous cases which look almost identical but still have very different temperatures/airflow, I'm completely lost in selecting a perfect one. For example: Air 540 and Cooler Master HAF XB work almost identical, yet HAF XB has been measured as one of the hottest cases nowadays. Any idea on this?

Could you guys help me, please?