Ceviche Tostados-Blast & Cast-Kid Fun


Capt. Chris Martin

Fishing Scene

In determining whether you are going to fish the windward side, the middle, or the leeward side of any particular shoreline or back lake should always come back to you first locating the bait. Look for bait that is jumping skyward out of the water. You’ll find that on some days the bait will be more widespread, and that the baitfish are located primarily in dirty water on the windward side, but on other days you may find the bait to be in clear water located along the leeward side. In either case, anglers should always approach a bait-laden area as slowly and as quietly as possible, and once your wading session has begun, concentrate your efforts to within a 100-yard radius of your starting point. Wade at a slow pace, and make sure to saturate the area with casts before making any movement – forward or sideways. Drifting with any soft plastic as of late has rewarded guests with scores of trout and sand trout, especially under the working birds. Redfish focus remains solid over the weekend with excellent size and numbers of bruisers. We greatly appreciate the guests who have practiced catch and release so others can experience the same fun for years to come.

Cast & Blast Unlimited

With recent colder weather, stronger north winds, and heavier cloud cover both evening and morning duck hunts have offered guests redheads and pintails. Other ducks completing the bird straps are widgeon, spoonbills, gadwalls, and snow geese. Drifting with lures has been up and down for blast & cast guests. This weekend delivered to hand scores of small trout while using a plethora of colors and styles of soft plastic lures. We’re still holding out for cooler water temps to trigger our winter trout bite. From the guides, housekeeping, kitchen staff, servers, and office we want to say Thank You to all our returning guests and new faces during this cast & blast season.

Ceviche Tostados Recipe

10 Fish Fillets
20 Limes
2 Medium Purple Onions
4 Medium Tomatoes
5 Jalapenos
Corn Tostados
16 oz. Vinegar

- Dice the fish fillets and place in a large bowl. Cover diced fish pieces with fresh-squeezed lime juice. Add 16oz of vinegar to the lime juice, and then lightly salt the surface of the lime juice. Let the fish sit in the bowl of lime juice, vinegar, and salt mixture for 2 hours.
- In a separate large bowl, dice the tomatoes, purple onion, tomatoes, and jalapeno.
- Chop the cilantro, and add it to the bowl of vegetables.
- After 2 hours have passed, drain about half of the lime juice off of the fish fillets. Mix all the vegetables into the bowl containing the fish.
- Arrange individual corn tostadas on serving tray and spoon individual servings of ceviche on top of each tostada.
- Top each civet tostada with a slice or two of fresh avocado.

Captain Stephen Boriskie Highlights

What a memorable day at Bay Flats Lodge with repeat customers highlighted by son Jake. This 8 year old was the most enthusiastic kid and trooper I have had the pleasure of fishing. We blast off at 6:15 am and hit the dock after 3 pm and he was on point the entire time. Reeling in fish-after-fish for us, and manning the clothespin count system he looked like a little Energizer Buddy. Captain Stephen Boriskie.


My girls had a hunt they will never forget. You guys continue to be spot on! Thank you and your staff for making my daughter's hunt so special.
Chris Smith

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