Clan League ProBowl - (20) Type 59s, (20) Months Premium, 100k gold




Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see two teams of players from a variety clans fight together as one force on the battlefield? If you could see a force of Bulba and MAHOU in a flanking wolf pack of HT and Bunny tags? Well in one week you will get to see this opportunity as we, the players, organize the first Clan League ProBowl, but tonight we get to draft the teams! Details are as follows:

Who: 40 players that completed the Clan League in the Champion and Challenger League

What: Snake Style Draft by two team captains

When: 8pm EST


Why: Show goodwill between clans that competed for the last 6 weeks and highlight high quality organized play.

Additional Details:

We will be making two teams of 20 players to play a best out of 13 series. Teams will be made up of (2) individuals from each participating clan in the champion and the challengers league. A best of 13 (or first one to 7 wins) will be played across three different maps, with the first map being a community selected map from one attack/defense that currently isn't in the Clan League. The format will be the same as the current league, 14 vs 14 in attack/defense mode with an 8 min match time. Tonight, November 15th, a draft will be streamed ( where the field of 40 will be selected.

Besides fighting as representatives of their clans and to show goodwill between all clans, these players will be fighting for a coveted award. Prizes are as follows:

All Participants get 2500 Gold

Each player on the winning team gets a Type 59 (Yes, that's 20 type 59's being given away!)

Each player on the losing team gets one month premium

So join us tonight, drink of choice in hand at 8pm EST as we see the team captains choose their picks for this event.