[Compare] Discs you used to bag and love, but then you switched and found a new love ;)



For me I used to love the F series by prodigy, but as time went on they just had too little HSS and the F3 (which was my favorite) would either flip too much with power or fade too hard when given hyzer.
I dropped the F2 as well, for the same reasons.

Picked up a TeeBird3 and a Rival.....and basically they ARE what I was looking for in flight.

I still bag the F7 because this F7 was a proto, domey, and 176g....basically its not like any other F7 I've owned, its a beauty and flies great, I also have an ace with it earlier this year.

When it comes time to switch I'm likely going with a legacy patriot or a Leopard.

ps: most recent F5 I picked up was So insanely flippy it was useless, at 175g....and 400G plastic, looked and felt great, flipped like a pancake.

I'm also picking up a Verdict to basically replace my M2, the new M2 I picked up was so straight to flippy that I was shocked, its straight as my heavy M3.....so....I dont need 2 mids doing the exact same thing. Still like the disc, dont get me wrong, just not for that role.....it did fly dead nuts straight with minimal fade so it has a spot in the bag. But a verdict will be for that reliable HSS and fade at the end.

I'm still a Prodigy fan, but mainly for the Pa4 Pa3 M4 M3....those discs are my fav by Prodigy.

just sayin'