Conan and His Little Ball Bearings Looking for Recruits




C-L-B clan is for tier 1 to tier 8 once you have achieved this you can then graduate to Conan And His Ballbearings clan for the higher tiers.

The time you spend in C-L-B is to grind your tanks and learn basic tactics if you do want to learn these things then you will need to download Teamspeak and come on to Teamspeak and join in the fun with C-L-B and our main clan CAHB who will be platooning and teaching tactics and sharing their

knowledge to help you progress.

We offer training and development, individual and team-play coaching, leading to significant improvement in stats, and playability.

Our players to platoon with members of both of our Clans. We have a dedicated, paid for TS3 server, Clan Website and Clan Facebook page and special fun games

Hope you choose to join us, and see you on the battlefield !