Crunch Time For The Kentledge Cup



Okey dokey, it seems with all the fuss going on over the tire debate in FF some racers are feeling a bit jaded. Hopefully the antidote will be The Kentledge Cup! We're at the point now where we really do need an idea of people interested in the Ford only Formula Ford race on your choice of treaded tires at this years ARRC at Road Atlanta - 6th-8th November.

The Atlanta region will allow us to have our own race/qually on the Sunday and what's more they've agreed to allow in vintage cars too! This is great news as it opens up our race to all those lovely older cars with non SCCA legal roll hoops. This should boost numbers and add to the Formula Ford Festival vibe!

For those that are doing the the regular ARRC Formula F race why not hang around until Sunday, throw on a set of treaded tires and join the fun!

Can those that are interested please let me know either by PM, email or simply replying to this thread. If you know of any vintage guys that might be interested please let them know too.