Different premium ship credit bonuses?


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Today I played a game in my Imperator Nikolai I where the team won and I managed to deal 82K damage, but only received 148K credits despite it being a premium ship and premium active: http://imgur.com/a/sSinq
It seems strangely low as I can easily get more than that with my non-premium ships doing the same damage.

It got me wondering if premium ships got different credit boost values since I received 260K credits with my Blyskawica today for doing 74K damage (no capping): http://imgur.com/a/Gu3bM

I'm aware that the new capping mechanics changed the credit/experience distribution, but I didn't cap any points in any of the matches and a 112K credit disparity despite doing 8K less damage is quite significant.

Would be great if somebody could enlighten me about the credit calculations so I can focus less on winning and teamwork and more on being a credit whore.

Those high-tier ships aren't gonna buy themselves.