Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".


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in the german area of the forum we have the following thread and I would like to point this out in the english section aswell, because the "offer" ´with the 4 harbor slotts is not realy an offer:

The calculation by Eisenkarl is:

Block Quote

1.200 Doublons (4x harbor slotts)

+ 1.250 (7 days of Premium)

= 2.450 Doublons, at EUR 9,77 this will result in 250,77 Doublons/EUR.

So... 250,77 Doublons per Euro does sound "ok", right? Well, lets compare it to the regular 2500 Doublon package wich costs basicaly the same:

2.500 Doublons / 9,95€ => 251,26 Doublons/EUR

Or in other words, do not buy this "offer", since you will get better value for your money by using the standard package for basicaly the same ammount of money.

If you want to get 7 days of premium and 4 Harbor slotts, get the basic 2500 gold offer instead.