E93 M3 Oem Exhaust Mod



I would like to share my muffler project what i am done so far. And need to ask some questions about it.
The reason i am creating a new post is there is no description for E93 M3. And unlikely any 3 series you have to remove the undercarriage bar in order to remove the muffler on e93!

It was not too easy to remove without a lift, but it was not impossible either. And i did not even lift the front.

Here is how i started :
Attachment 1274180

So one of the hardest part was removing the undercarriage bar. There is 5 screws you need to remove. When you are rear of the car, if you look under you will see this protection bar like a "V" . The hardest one was where this two lines intersected which is at the very end. It was even more harder while you are working very close to the ground!

Here is the screws :
Attachment 1274169

When you remove all the screws, the bar will not drop. What i did was there is another coverage at the middle of this car. And this metal pieces are top of this coverage. When you remove the screws, it sticks.
You need to unscrew only side of this coverage to remove it.

Here is the picture
Attachment 1274171

then go to back of the car and pull it to yourself slowly. Now it should be completely removed!

Attachment 1274172
Attachment 1274173

Mufler Removal :

If you removing the muffler like i did without a lift my suggestion will be wear a clear work goggles. You are too close to muffler and anything can damage your eyes!

Before the removal i suggest you to cover the shiny muffler tips with something to protect from potential scratches/damages

Attachment 1274186

IMO It was way easier than removing the undercarriage bars. Screws are not as tight as the bar. Most important part is you need to put something center of the muffler part to support the weight. And you have to put it down from the center of this muffler. Otherwise it will not drop.

It took me like 45 min to remove the muffler and undercarriage bar!

I saw lots of people re cutting from under the box not to deal with muffler mount. But i want it to cut from the top, that way you can not notice when the muffler is installed. So i cut the mount first :

Attachment 1274193

And then i cut the inner pieces :

Attachment 1274194

When you make the cut you will notice that there is two layer of metal on this muffler. And lots of dog hair inside of it.

So i am done for today. I am not planning to cut the perforated pipes. I am planning to wrap them. And i will do 2.5 wrap like the way PaulWelder does on m3cutters.uk. So He uses aluminum high heat temperature tape and than uses fiberglass muffler wrap on top of it.

My question is i purchased the fiberglass wrap (it is on the table), and also ordered aluminum tape from NYC. It is on the way. I just noticed that it is high temp for AC Dock. So i do not think it will work for muffler.(It is about max 300F-350F)
Does anyone can show me a nice durable muffler tape to roll around perforated pipes without getting worry of the high temperature?

Another question will be when you are welding the pieces, are you welding back each layer? Or just the outside ones?

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