Facepalm/10 Support



The Orders system for PMs is broken, and I'm not getting my orders back for missions I complete with honors. I've lost 2 orders as a result.

Naturally, I sent a ticket to support


The response?


Ohhhhhhhhh kay? I guess I wasn't very clear in saying that I did fulfil the criteria to recover the order... Let's try again


I feel like it's fairly clear that something went wrong and I'm missing an order now, let's hope they come through on this one.


I mean, seriously, it might've been my fault in not being clear the first time, but surely you'd understand what's wrong?

Just for context, what happened is, I was messing with the interface and accidentally committed an order (of 3 available) to SPG-14. Well, [edited]. I guess I'll have to grit my teeth and deal with having an arty in my garage. I played about 5 games in it, managed to finish the mission with honours... Wait, where's my order? I go back to the Campaign and check SPG-14. In the top right corner, it says "complete for 1 order." Hmm, maybe it means that I should manually complete it now to retrieve an order, kinda like in the old 15th Missions. I click it... And get another order deducted from my account.