Fadin's Medal



My apologies for not attaching screenshots, but I recently got a gaming keyboard and I haven't figured out what all the buttons do.

I guess I'm tooting my own horn here, but I had a monster game on Malinovka in my BT-7 art last night. I was bottom tier (III), and 3 or 4 of my teammates were complaining about being bottom tier and having to face tier Vs.

We spawned south, and I used the speed to get to the small wooded hill at E-8, where I sniped at targets of opportunity. HE wasn't one-shotting anything, but steadily whittling away at anything I could see. The red team helped out by sending several tanks along the soggy ground on the far side of the water from me.

After culling the herd, I relocated to the wooded hill at C-5, and engaged the remaining tanks that had camped their spawn, as the rest of my team moved up and lit them. By now I was out of HE and was down to a few rounds of AP.

Their last tank, a T-28, drove right by me and presented me with its backside. My last 2 AP rounds finished it off.

I ended up with 5 kills, an Ace Tanker, Confederate, High Caliber and the aforementioned 'Fadin's Medal' for killing the last enemy with my last shell. Never heard of it before that!