First half should I run it?



I'm running my first half this weekend. I have to post a time to get my corral set for the marathon I signed up for early next year. My cousin ran a half marathon back in February and posted a time of 1:49:16. The marathon we're running has 17 corrals, so I'd like to match his time (if possible) so we can start around the same time for the marathon instead of being separated in a sea of 27k people.

My pace average is going to need to be 8:27 min/mi or faster. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to run this with negative splits that will leave me with enough gas in the tank to finish? I've got some caffeinated honey stingers I plan on taking at miles 5 & 10.

I'm thinking about hitting the first 2 miles at a 9:00 minute pace, then dropping the second 2 miles to 8:45 (max), the next 4 miles to 8:30 (max)....then 3 miles at 8:00....then open it up for the finish. I can run a sub 7 minute mile, but don't know how long I can sustain it when I'm gassed. My concern is to balance the run, but haven't ever attempted to run a race like this. My mind is in it because I want that time...I'm curious to see if I just give up at some point...hah.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?