For new players .. basic of map balance



The best advice I could give newer players is learn what map balance is first and the only way the team part really works .. map balance is from the start of a match as I see so many people just going in a group to one spot and getting rolled.. so hang back just alittle from the start and watch your mini map as to see where others have gone and fill the gaps left open does not matter your about skill level as your part of the team play is to spot and slow them down long enough for help to come or support someone else in the same need as this is never about just one person and more about team support.

The other part about map balance is your team owns 50% of the map from the start and your team needs to take it and make the other team fight for it many times I see players hanging around base or moving up 20% which only gives the other team 70% of the map from the start and your going to get rolled.

Hold your position as long as you can and let the other team make the mistakes then as you learn the basic's of map balance then your ready for the next phase called battle awareness which also is using the mini map to see what is going on around the battlefield and what you could do to help a team mate in a bad spot or move to a new spot as to stop a push coming in or the other team has got behind your team and you need to do something about

So .. Map Balance and Battle Awareness is the best advice to learn first and tank skills will come over time as Battle Awareness can buy you enough time to get that slow moving tank to turn but you to be aware at all times for it to help aid you which is a skill you can buy or earn but you can learn it.