For Sale Threads...



Hey guys,

I'm new to this side of BimmerPost as I've just picked up an M4.
Now that I have a new toy, I've been perusing the classified section looking for goodies for it.
One thing I've noticed is a good portion of the FS threads out there DON’T HAVE PHOTOS!

WTF is that about? :mad0259:

“I have this slightly used item for sale and I’m asking $X,XXX for it.
Please pay me and I promise to ship it to you”

I find this especially odd for the aesthetic mods, ie: lips, spoilers, diffusers etc.

A photo is really worth a thousand words when you're trying to sell something.
It gives potential buyers confidence in you as a seller and in the product they are buying.

1. Proves (to a degree) you have said item
2. Shows condition of the used item
3. Creates a visual desire to entice buyers

It’s really not that hard.
On many other forums photos are required to post a FS thread.

I understand we are all busy people these days, but just take 10 minutes to take and post a photo.