FS: MV3 Alloys - feeler



Hello All,

I'm looking to upgrade to 19" wheels on my E91 so trying to gauge if its worth selling on my OEM MV3s?

They are currently fitted to the car and in use. When I bought the car 1 year ago, they had just been refurbished and are still in very good condition. The rims have some very minor scratches, I will post some photos up here later.

I recently fitted a set of Nexen tyres, which seem to provide as much grip as prior experience tyres (Falkens, Kumhos, Goodyears) in both wet and dry with my driving style (leisurely to spirited with a splash of stole-it)

Tyres are 235/40 fronts and 265/35 rears and have >5mm all round.

Is there much demand for OEM wheels? Also, some help trying to determine their worth would be good (Im scouring eBay in parallel to gauge value)