Game of Thrones season 5, Does it the most popular and expected American television series on 2015?


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Game of thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created for HBO by showrunners David Benioff and D.B.Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels; it premiered on HBO in the United States on April 17, 2011. The series completed airing its fifth season on June 14, 2015, and has been renewed for a sixth season. By 2014, according to The Guardian it had become "the biggest drama" and "the most talked about show" on television.

Game of thrones season 5was highly anticipated by fans before its premiere. It has since become a critical and commercial success.

Why is the game of thrones so popular in the world?

First, Let us see the below record data created by Game of Thrones.

The ten episodes of the first season of Game of Thrones were published as a DVD and Blu-ray box set on March 6, 2012. The box set sold 350,000 units in the first seven days of its release, the largest first-week DVD sales ever for an HBO series. DVD/Blu-ray box sets and digital downloads of the second season were made available on February 19, 2013. First-day sales again broke HBO records, with 241,000 box sets sold and 355,000 episodes downloaded.

Then, we can see the below viewer numbers data.

The first season of Game of Thrones had an average of 2.5 million viewers for its first Sunday night screenings, and an average gross audience of 9.3 million viewers per episode including all repeats and on-demand viewings. For its second season, Game of Thrones had an average gross audience of 11.6 million viewers. The third season was watched by 14.2 million, making it the second most-viewed HBO series after The Sopranos. In the fourth season, HBO said that its average gross audience of 18.4 million viewers, later adjusted to 18.6 million, had beaten The Sopranos for the record.

Now the Game of Thrones Season 5 has arrived, it is a happy time to enjoy it.
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In my view, the Game of Thrones Season 5 will live up to the expectation of all the audience, continue to show the wonderful performance to its lover.

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