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Hello all,

No direct whining here.... only indirect

The team table, please guys, make it so all toptiers are on top and then all following tiers together with the same tiers. that is more clearer, WoT is doing this for years and not without a reason.

result table, make it so it is in points scored, or that the games remembers the order you choose. My best guess it is still in the same order as the garbled team table from the start.

Results, we see how many HP we score with AP HE or torps and what that is in XP, but XP for capping....???? do we even score XP for that? If not, why is it even in there. I would like to see (pretty please
) that it is spelled out what scored what....

And some more clarifications, like do we score XP for lighting enemies up and others scoring hits?? what do we score, if any, for capping or defending a cap?

Explanations for captain skills... please just say what it does. famous example, which is even misinterpreted by Phly Daily, torpedo acquisition. just see seeing torps 20% sooner. remember KISS...

lets see if someone agrees.... preferably someone who can change things... LOL