getting ready to make a move



Hello there,

Current OSX 10.5
PT version 8.6+003
Intel MacPro 2008

My intention is to update to OS 10.6 (or a bit later)
Would like to purchase ProTools 9 (or maybe 10)
and send my 003 to Black Lion for modification

but it seems difficult now to find ProTools 9
any ideas out there on getting these so called legacy products? The Avid site, I find, is not to be as helpful as the older Digidesign one in this regard. Any thoughts?

I like to use what I have and not being in a rush to update. ProTools 8.6 is fine for my needs. The 003 is a lovely bit of equipment but one should consider modification to get the best possible results (new preamps and word clock). Hence my interest in sending it of to Black Lion. By the way, I've been using PTLE since '99. My 001+PTv5 still powers ahead-of course on an older Mac running OS9.

thank you again