Guide to the hardest tanks to play: Jagdpanzer IV



Do you want the Jagdpanzer E-100 (the Jageru) but dread looking forward to the Tier VI, the Jagdpanzer IV. Are you currently playing the "flat panzer" and are frustrated / thinking of quitting the line? I'm here to tell you that with a little care the Jagdpanzer IV can carry you through almost any situation and if you treat her right your opinion will change from it being the worst to one of the best (or at least something you can grind through without going insane).

You just have to remember two things to be successful while playing it:

1. Camouflage / Bushwork

2. DPM

Both guns, the 75mm and 88mm have their strengths, 88mm has more DPM and alpha and is preferable on city maps. The 75 has more reliable pen and is far better in higher tier games. I recommend the 88 for its all around usefulness (city maps) but if you can't make that pen work you have to go for the 75.

Check out a bit of talk in the garage followed by 4 battle replays. It's a bit long with 4 replays I know but stick with it. By the end you should have a very good sense of just how not bad this tank is and how you can play it to it's max!

Good Luck with the Jagdpanzer IV! If you have another suggestion for the hardest tanks to play let me know.