Halco max 130 hooks.



Good morning everyone. So I got me a halco and a lot of people are saying to change the hooks.. As well as the split rings. So my question is what size split rigs and hooks are you guys switching too? Also, why are you switching to single hooks? Are the hooks that come on them not durable enough? Another question I have is what are you using for leader material for the halco a and poppers? I bought some 60lb fluro and was just going to uni to uni to my braid leaving about a 4-5 ft leader. Some people are using loop to loop.. Should I tie directly to the lure or pre make my leader usin crimps and swivel to and hook it up to the swivel snap? Sorry about all the questions. First time heading to the floaters this weekend and I want it to be perfect!!! Thanks for your tips and advice.