Help choosing exterior and interior colors



I m close to buying a 2016 m235i base model. I currently have a 2011 alpine white 328xi sedan. Love the car but its time to upgrade to something newer and more powerfull.
The past year I ve been looking all over the place for what I want next. I ve been looking at mustangs gt, camaro ss, lexus is350 , mercedes c300 , bmw 435, audi s3, audi s4 , infinite Q50, subaru wrx sti , hyunday genesis, golf r, golf gti ,acura tl , honda accord, so I ve done my homework.

I have a budget of 50k after is all set and done , this is counting I would get 20k for my current car ( Im in canada so cars are a little more expensive here). I had 4 musts in my list,more performance , manual transmission, new or a year old , and under 50 k.

I narrow it down to 3 cars , 2015 wrx sti , 2014 audi s4, 2016 m235i. My wife thinks paying that much for a subaru is crazy and I think the audi s4 does not look agressive enough and it would be the oldest of the list. So the list came down to 2016 m235i

Now after a long introduction here is the dilemma. Im 31 , with 1 kid and a wife. We have a big as s SUV that we use 90% of the time so having a 2 door coupe is not really a huge concern , however my wife really wants a blue m235i with terra with dakota leather. Im in the other hand think blue is a colour for younger people and I would prefer a more mature elegant color like mineral white with an agressive coral red interior.

Question is what colour would suit someone my age with a family better??