Home wireless network help



I have issues the last 6 months since I changed my modem from ADSL to VDSL. The first modem was connected in my room and I was wired to it hence no issues. When they changed it, they placed it outside the house, one floor down because of wiring (they needed CAT5 cable for that and we had a line there - attempts to run new lines on existing telephone lines failed because of stuck cables). We cannot run any cables without drilling holes and the wires will be showing all over the place so we will avoid that.

My first solution was using powerline adaptors which wasn't that good. We also added other devices in the house, an android TV stick, a tablet, and whoever comes with a smartphone. So I got some wireless repeaters that do not function well, maybe they are too cheap.

My setup as it is now: modem on floor 0, repeater-1 on floor 1 connected to modem, another repeater-2 on floor 1 which can only connect to repeater-1 and repeater-3 (on floor 1/2, using this in summer only) which is connected to modem.
I wonder whether if I get a good repeater for repeater-1 which is located in the center of the house, can cover the repeater-2 requirements.

I want a wireless setup using parts that I can find on ebay or from 2 local stores (links below). My internet line is only 2Mbits but I want the setup to be good enough for at least 10Mbits constant rate. Any other possible solutions are welcome.


http://www.eshopcy.com.cy/ <------ this one is actually in Greek so you may want to skip it.

And a question related to this. I have an unused telephone line in my room (which is the attic, floor 2). There is probably a way to connect it to the modem but is the telephone cable suitable for this?