How Wargaming Games Work



Hello newcomers...

I will like to inform you about few things before you start any action with this company named wargaming.

Why? I believe it is my duty to inform others about what i have see in this game by wargaming employees,

so others will not have to live it the way i do.

1. Wargaming using bots in all battles in world of tanks.

It is a technology that it uses all most from the start of this game but refuse to admit it. There 60% bots in every battle.

Those bots are programmed to brake any and all game rules according to they role. Lose or Win!

2. Wargaming has people who participate in every battle to haunt down every player that plays this game but it dont pay

money to them.

Those "players" have fixed accounts with all tanks in max and personnel skill in max all so and they using gold ammo only!

3. If you dont pay money to them, Wargaming, they will let you playing, because for taxes and other reasons they can not

do otherwise, but they will mess up with your game experience so hard so they will force you to quit it.

4. They "software" open hidden doors in your operating system, so they get complete remote control of it.

They collect all your personal data, accounts at social media, e-mails, contacts personal photos and so on.

What are doing with them, they give them to others...

Those are few of things that happening in this so called free game...

If you dont care about all this, then enjoy your experience in wargaming.

PS. You will see under this post how much hate those "players" can spread all so...

If they dont delete it.

Thats my opinion for this company and they games after 2 years.

Have Fun