Improving a room's acoustics



Hi all ,

I'm trying to set up my very small practice room to sound better for my kit. After reading a few threads here a while ago I stuffed as much padding to damped the sound around my kit as much as possible , including

-Two halves of a ping pong table covered in heavy blankets positioned right near the kit , almost in a sort of perspex-screen-wall fashion

-The back corner behind me has thick mattresses stacked up to the roof , covered with a tight black sheet

I also have the kit standing on a thin blanket since I don't have a proper carpet yet.

Basically it hasn't helped my sound at all - my cymbals still sound really sharp to my ears and the sound drums doesn't sound very good at all , I'm trying to deaden the sound abit more. I find myself having to wear earplugs because the high's sound so sharp.

Should I move the walls away? How can I make the room sound more dead? Do I need to invest in acoustic foam?

Cheers for any advice.