Integration of outboard eqipment



Hi everybody,

i worked with reaper for the last years only with VSTs and my outboard synths. Now i changed my setup against most studio philosophys. I added lovely outboard equipment and would like to work with it as p will mix the new EP for my band and i love it to turn knobs etc... ;)
Now as i configured all cables etc. i found out that i'm not really familiar with latency setups and that after routing it via REAInsert or directly from seperate out to ins. All the audio was out of time. I changed some settings in reaper but i does not work.
Just to let you know what i'm using:
MOTU PCIe 424 with MOTU 2408 MKIII
I use 1/2 as main channels and all others are routed to a Neutrik Patch Bay.
From the patchbay i send it to SPL Qure, SPL TD, dbx 1066, etc.
What could be the reason? Is it latency?
Thanks for your support.