Just an idea for some change in MM



Not saying this is a 100% cure for what ails WOT but it would help with tanks being over matched in matches. It could also reduce the constant use of gold rounds to succeed by the masses. I know I have no lights for t10 reason for this is that lights are only up to t8 and 9 time out of 10 a medium fills the role and is much better suited for t10 battles.

Although I can suggest changes till I am blue in the face I fear Wargames wants unbalanced match ups. That way players get frustrated and resort to gold purchases to use on free experiencing under powered tanks, and they want people to use gold rounds as a credit sink.

Match Tier Selection Match-Ups
lights mediums td heavy spg
Tier 1
(1-2) (1-3) n/a n/a n/a
Tier 2
(1-3) (1-3) (2-3) n/a (2-3)
Tier 3
(2-4) (2-4) (2-4) n/a (2-5)
Vehicle Tier Tier 4 (3-5) (3-5) (3-5) (3-5) (3-6)
Tier 5
(4-6) (5-6) (5-6) (5-6) (4-7)
Tier 6
(5-8) (5-7) (5-7) (5-7) (5-8)
Tier 7
(6-9) (6-8) (6-8) (6-8) (6-8)
Tier 8
(7-9) (7-9) (7-9) (7-9) (7-9)
Tier 9
n/a (8-10) (8-10) (8-10) (8-10)
Tier 10
n/a (9-10) (9-10) (9-10) (9-10)
(Tanks pen and damage would be needed to be looked at to ensure balance do to tier changes)
(Premiums would fit in the same selection as listed above)

Class Limits
Lights (0-2)
* Tankers will be held in queue for no more the 2 minutes whilst the above rules are used for match selection.
Once 2 minutes has passed, and if no selection has been made tankers tier and class limits will increase by one. (Tier increase would not apply for T10)
If no selection is made in five minutes tankers will be put out of queue and into the garage with a message please try your selection at another time .
(All medals/achievements based on quantity kills by class will be retired or reworked)