Kanonenjagdpanzer Quick Review



Alright guys, I have purchased the Kanonenjagdpanzer to see how it plays and how it compares to other premium tank destroyers, specifically the SU-122-44, the Jagdtiger 8,8, and the E 25. I will also list my personal pros and cons that I have experienced in this tank.

In my first battle with this tank, I opted to play this like my SU 122 44, but I soon came to realize it played more like its smaller cousin, the E 25. I often found myself using its speed to get to my favored ambush positions well before anyone else. This gun's accuracy allowed me to fire relatively accurately while on the move if I needed to run. With this tanks top speed of 70 km/h I found it easy to run across the field to support a falling flank, I also found traits similar to that of the AMX ELC bis, though my gun firing arc is significantly better. All in all this is a good tank if you like speeding around the battlefield, making trouble in your enemies flanks. Word of caution, you will want to learn to use the hand brake more often, I have over shot cover numerous times because I was coming down from top speed. With the latest physics changes, I wouldn't be surprised if I start flipping this tank over if not rolling it. Comparing it to other premium tank destroyers, I noticed that this has the flimsiest armor of the tank destroyers I compared it to, but at the cost of its armor, it is the most mobile of them. While its aim time is the same as the Jagdtiger 8,8, it can be lowered with crew skills and equipment. The same can be said for its rate of fire. It also has the best armor penetration of the premium tank destroyers of similar tiers.


> This tank is ungodly fast, but this can also be a con.

> Quick aim time

> Good camouflage rating

> High DPM


> Thin armor, you will not bounce unless you are extremely lucky. HE will have no problems penetrating you

> Mediocre shell velocity

> Mediocre damage per shot

> Average spotting distance without coated optics or binoculars

I will not be going to deep into stats as you can do that on your own. I will be covering health pool,2 top speed, hp/t, gun damage and penetration, and armor. Best stats will be highlighted in green.


Final opinion: Great tank, needs premium match making as it is difficult for me to penetrate many tier 10 tanks from any angle. If you like fast light armored TDs then this a tank for you.