Latency and Windows 10



So I just recently upgraded my DAW to windows 10 from a clean windows 7 install.

When I was running Win7, DPCLAT showed avg. latencies around 100us with an occasional spike but never crossing into yellow or red territory.

The first time I ran DPCLAT in win 10 it was averaging 1000us!!! More than averaging...It was one consistent big green block (with a couple yellow spikes) varying between 900us and 1100us. There were no red spikes but as you can imagine I was a bit perplexed.

Anyway after googling for a bit it turns out that apparently DPCLAT does NOT seem to read latency correctly in win 8 and now win 10 and defaults to 1000us. I saw at least one guy on youtube with super low latency readings on Win 8 but he seemed to be an exception.

After double checking that everything in my OS, asio driver and Bios were set correctly for low latency I double checked using Latency Mon and I was relieved to find that it showed my latency to be MUCH lower. In fact it was slightly better than Win 7.

The short story here is that it looks like DPCLAT can no longer be trusted in win 10 and I have deleted it from my system. Latency mon is now my only latency checker.