Lawyer explaining aftermarket parts and warranty




(1) Magnuson-Moss act was meant to protect consumer from being required to purchase oem parts for the vehicle without the risk of losing warranty coverage. It does state that if the manufacturer can prove the aftermarket part caused an issue that they can deny the related claim.

(2) Proof for civil litigation is based on the preponderance (what is most likely than not the cause)

Your warranty cannot be legally voided entirely however specific warranty claims related to the aftermarket parts can be legally denied if the manufacturer can show a connection, that is more likely than not, between the failure and the aftermarket part.

So mod at your own risk, the manufactures can and will win unless the failure truly is a defected part like the n54 hpfp issue. But in those cases it took numerous issues to warrant a class action lawsuit before BMW was forced to accept responsibility and put out a voluntary recall.