M2 price in Poland: EU citizens, come treat yourself!



Well - until recently, I read the M2 forum, watched the M2 mules, the Photoshop renders, and then - the real thing. And I never - not even once - felt envious for not being in a position to buy the M2, as I only have my M235i on 3-year lease for half-a-year now, just as I never dreamed about a Porshe or Ferrari: knowing BMW Poland pricing policy, I was sure I couldn't afford it anyway - so why give a s**t? My M235i - I thought - has been all I could afford, and an excellent machine too...

Than a couple of days ago, the M2 price for Poland has been announced and the configurator appeared on BMW PL site. All the calmness of my mind suddenly became a thing of the past, as it turn out that a fully loaded M2 would cost me just some 12% more than my current (also fully loaded, and with the M-P LSD added) M235i !!! I'm so angry with those guys at BMW PL; they just don't know the true value of things they deal with... Just so you understand my frustration better: the M4 is 40% more expensive than the 425i with MPPK and LSD - I based my price expectation for the M2 on this simple fact (similar is the percentage of price difference between other M models and their most close non-M counterparts).

I could have used my 528xi just 1 to 1.5 years longer, lose less when selling it (relatively speaking of course - and considering the depreciation slows down after the 2 first years at which point exactly I sold it for the M235i) - and would now feel a truly accomplished man: my last BMW (I'm 61, and see no chances of being able to ever buy a next BMW) could have been a true M car !!! If only I knew last year what it would cost me...

I hope this awful feeling will go away, I really do... But at the moment, I sort of dislike my M235i I loved so much only a couple days ago!

But to make my frustration less painful, I'm seriously thinking about some mods to my M235i - something I was leaving for some rather distant future. And I will certainly not start with an engine tune (although will certainly do some, but only after my warranty is up). The most important thing to me now is swapping those miserably thin tires with what would make it possible to unwind the full engine potential at its stock form. So, a question to those M235i fellow users: I realize it's not an easy and straightforward decision, so would do with all and any advise:

- which widest tire size possible can be used on this car, in either 18" or even 19" wheel size? What ET is known to widen the stance without rubbing problems?

I'm all ears...