M6E, KV22O, M4E4, PZlV-V, A32



So, to my knowledge, PZlV-V KV22O M6E have been marketed and distributed. A32 is heavily marketed and sold in WoT Console. M4E4, l remember was sold patch 6.7, sept '11, for 2 days for 1.5K gold, right beside RAM in tech tree. KV22O and M6E especially, have appeared in monster cash grab deals.

Why doesn't WG market these tanks, since they have already thrown them into the WoT marketplace. I don't understand. Any values of rarity, uniqueness, early support, is thrown out the window because of that argumentative M6E sale. Just throw them into the tech tree gold parlour, and see how much thousands of gold is spent. What has WG to lose here, more players spending more gold?