Minor ship changes



Hi Guys,

Right, I know ships haven't exactly been the forte of DCS and I can't expect them to be something with huge priorities as far as ED is concerned (well maybe not until the planned F/A-18C Module anyway), but I have 2 very minor suggestions for ships in DCS (My wishlist for ships is actually fairly sizey without things like "add more ships" - but all of that can come later).

* If you look at any ship in single player and then slow time down, you will notice that the RADARs, some launchers, even some weapons etc moves in a very jittery fashion, do the same for a ground based RADAR platform (one of the better modeled ones) and you will notice it's nice and smooth - just like it should be (for those with the keener eyesight RADAR jitteryness for ships is actually very noticeable even without slowing time down, the effect is the same for flags etc).

* Changing how ships are selected/how they behave in the Mission Editor, this is really split into 2 categories: Firstly, the majority of ships are listed by what that actual ship is called (Carl Vinson, Oliver Hazard Perry, Moskva, Molniya etc) Instead rename them based on their class - SLAVA class, Tarantul-3 class, Krivak-2 class, Kuznetsov Class etc). I've noticed that the Oliver Hazard Perry is actually the USS Rentz looking at the exterior model model and not the USS Oliver H. Perry (although that being said in this case the ship class and it's actual name is the same).

I've also noticed fleets not staying in the same formation after turning, instead of the whole formation turning, each individual ship just turns around (So if the formation at a heading of 090 degrees roughly looks like this > when the ship group turns north, (so the formation should be this shape ^) instead, it retains this shape > but now each unit is now facing north 000.

It would also be good to have more advanced waypoint actions for ships such as restrict weapon usage, hold, set callsign, set frequency etc.

Obviously these things are only very minor, small animation changes, changes to the ME, ship group behaviour and ship advanced waypoint actions.