Mission venting



So I appreciate the missions. The rewards are great, I've had fun playing tank types I don't really prefer, and I have certainly learned numerous things in the process. However, there are a few things that drive me crazy, and are quite meaningless from my perspective. Do you also have issues with a few of the missions?

For me, I find it meaningless to have to kill or damage tanks exactly one tier higher than my tank. Im currently on an SPG mission in the T55A suite where I have to kill 3 tanks exactly one tier higher than my tank. At least half the time there are no more than 2-3 tanks one tier higher... so the possibility of killing them all is pretty darn low. Mix into that the difficulty of getting an appropriate map for arty, and those occasions where the team lets light tanks rush in... its maybe 1/10 games where it is even possible to complete the mission. THEN you have to pray to RNGesus that your shells land.

If it was "Kill tanks one tier OR HIGHER I'd be cool with it. But exactly one tier higher can be very irritating. I feel like there was a heavy mission in the HTC line where you had to kill 2 heavies one tier higher. Took me ages to get in a battle with them.