Nani from the right cut long-range has become his killer


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Nani from the right cut long-range has become his killer, but he was more used is left, and break the Chelsea goal was his favored foot right foot. Battle of the Blues, as well as another in the long-range Nani left the ball after the same beat Cech, but the ball hit the crossbar ultimate misfortune, spared from war to win a penalty after Rooney slipped and failed to shoot into. fifa 15 coins ios But enough to reflect the improving quality of long-range Nani, a qualitative change his long-range efficiency is perhaps the root cause. Data show that the number of times this season, Nani's shot is greatly reduced, since only 16 shots, ranking eighth Premiership, far behind ultimate team-mate Wayne Rooney 28 times, whereas in the past, the Portuguese winger shots almost always dominated the top squad. Nani past often blind long shots after the break, the ball lack of sight, and this can be a waste of opportunity assists to his ultimate teammates. This season, Nani has been in the grasp of pass and shoot a large increase, although there are still indiscriminate shooting phenomenon, but three assists in five games the Premier League in assists ranked third, behind ultimate teammate Ashley middot; Young ( 5 times) and Manchester City Nasri (4th),