New gaming monitor: Size, Resolution, Blur Reduction



Hi all,

considering on buying a new monitor. Still on an old 1680x1050 display. I will also have to upgrade my GPU. Probably will buy a used aftermarket 290x and in maybe 2 years go to a hbm2 finfet type.

Since I like most users plan on keeping the display for years I'm very interested in the Benq XL2730z, eg 1440p 144 hz with Freesync. However I've now read that it has many issues especially with blur reduction only working on 130 and 144 hz and broken on 100 hz. See:

Here my first question: Anyone has this monitor? Is blur reduction really broken at 10 ht (lots stutter I read in other forums). Also does it work on lower refresh rates, like 90, 80 or 75 hz? And with work I mean properly without stutter. 120hz at 1440p just takes too much GPU power, that hard even for older games.I'm more interested in blur reduction than freesync (First person shooters...)

This makes me think I'm better of with the XL2720z which supposedly has a better scaler and blur reduction works on any refresh rate. Question here is is 27 too big for 1080p? Note: I have a 23" 1080p at work. So 27 seems a bit big for that resolution? On the other hand I don't really gain much screen space. 1440p does sound nicer.

What are your experiences? What would you suggest?